Southern Pride

A Book Celebrating The Southern Mind

Presenting an exhaustively researched history of the Civil War from the Southern perspective, and what the world might look like had the South survived and brought Southern Honor, Southern Pride, Southern Gentility and Southern Faith to government.

A Fresh Look At Emancipation

If the South had been allowed to emancipate their slaves themselves,  a civil rights movement would have occurred in the 1860s, not the 1960s, and race relations might be a hundred years ahead of where they are today.  Learn about the Confederacy's actual push for emancipation, and how it might have changed the world.

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The Civil War is not over.  Southern heroes are being defamed, Southern monuments are being defiled, and our Southern heritage is being destroyed, all by Northern minds intent on revising our Southern history.  Southern Pride demands that we stand up and defend our Southern Honor.  

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 "The Civil War is not over. Those with a Southern Mind still believe in a Southern society founded on pride, honor, gentility, and faith; the pillars that support the Southern Mind. Then and now. You are invited to revisit the Civil War from a Southern perspective. Explore the issues of secession, emancipation, racial integration, republican government, and the appropriate usages of war from a Confederate point of view. Issues that are still alive today. Yes, the Civil War is far from over." 

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